Dealing with Big Feelings

What are Big Feelings?
Help with Big Feelings
Trev's Story


What are Big Feelings?

Big feelings usually happen when something important is happening which makes you feel very happy or very sad. They’re called big feelings because they have a big effect on you.

If you’re really looking forward to something, like a birthday or a holiday, you feel excited – it’s a big feeling which can mean we feel like you have butterflies in your tummy and you might smile a lot.

If something not very nice has happened, like falling out with a friend, you can feel sad – this can also be a big feeling that can make you feel tired, feel sick and like you want to cry.

Being frustrated or angry is also a big feeling that can make you want to shout or break things. These big feelings can happen when things don’t go your way, like if you’re trying to draw a picture and it doesn’t look right.

Help with Big Feelings

To get help with your big feelings, it’s important to tell someone you trust about them. This can help you understand why you’re feeling this way. Teachers, parents and carers will have heard about big feelings and will know what to do to help you.

Trev's story

Here’s a story about big feelings. It’s called The bird who could not fly:

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