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Breathing to music videos with Prof. Nigel Osborne

On this page, Professor Nigel Osborne offers slow breathing exercises that use music to harmonise respiration with the rhythms of your heart and the flow of your circulation. Why breathe to music? Breathing to Bach Breathing to Bossa Nova Breathing to Marvin Gaye Why breathe to music? Hello, my name is Nigel Osborne, I am […]

Music Therapy: transporting ourselves

On this page, music therapist Emmeline McCracken has created videos to help you to transport and transform yourself through music. They are also intended to be useful in other moments in your life, when you are no longer listening. We all use music almost every day to transport ourselves to other realms. Perhaps we listen […]

About Music For Wellbeing

Music & Videos Wellbeing diary Discover the science Meet the team Feedback Welcome Music can help you change the way you feel. From Mozart to Marvin Gaye, and from Metallica to Mongolian voices, here you can listen to playlists to lead you from one state of mind and body to another in the way that […]

Music For Care Homes playlists

Welcome. On this page you can find playlists for the elderly, designed to be played by staff and carers at care homes and in the community. The playlists are approximately fifty minutes to an hour long, created for easy use. Artists and repertoire have been selected on the basis of the musical interests of residents […]

Playlists for specific issues

Welcome. In this section we will offer playlists for specific challenges in mental health such as depression, trauma, coping with bereavement or abuse, or difficulties in focus and concentration. For the some of these issues we have a solid foundation of scientific evidence for the benefits of music. For others we are inviting those who […]

Instructions for usage on iPhone / iPad

Due to limitations on iPhones and iPads, we highly recommend the following steps so that the music is not interrupted while you are listening: Open “Settings” app on your device Go to Display & Brightness -> Auto-Lock If Auto-Lock is not available, first you have to turn off Low Power Mode (Settings app > Battery […]

“Help me manage my mood and feelings” playlists

Welcome. This is a page for musical self-care. Here you can stay relaxed, help modestly support your immune system (Professor Dave Lee’s lists), simply feel better, feel less lonely and more “connected”, increase your motivation or seek comfort or solace. Please select a mood, then click on any playlist to begin. To achieve these effects, […]

Calming movement videos with Dr Laurie Rauch

On this page, Dr. Laurie Rauch offers slow movement videos that will help calm your heart and soothe jangled nerves, using a series of simple rotational and circular movements. Why slow movement helps with stress About the movement videos Watch the videos Music to support slow movement More about Dr. Laurie’s work on our primate […]

“I am feeling sluggish, ‘down’ or inactive – enliven me” playlists

Welcome. If you have chosen this page, then you are probably feeling lethargic or “low”, and would like to feel better. If you are participating in the wellbeing survey you will find a link back to it once the playlist is complete. Please click on any playlist to begin. The music will begin “where you […]