Walking to beat isolation boredom

Walking to beat isolation boredom!

Walking is a great way to stay active during isolationThe current government advice suggests taking a walk once a day while keeping a two metre distance with others.  This can be a great way to keep active, but doing the same thing every day might leave you feeling a little bored.   Here are some tips to put a spring in your step.

Try a mindfulness walk

This works in your garden or your own home too.

Start by walking at a natural pace. Follow your breathing and try to pay attention to the sensations, sights and sounds around you. How does the ground feel through the soles of your feet? Can you feel the breeze on your face? What sounds can you hear? What colours are around you?

Apps like Headspace and Calm include guided mindful walks.

Read more about mindful walking here.


Follow the rainbows

Some people have displayed rainbows in their windows to represent being together during isolation. How many can you find during your walk? Maybe you can create a rainbow for your own window.


Appreciating nature

Why not have a go at bird or bug spotting when you’re out on your walk or in your garden. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) have a great website which will help you find out what birds are living near you;  Kew Gardens have a similar website for bugs which includes some helpful information sheets.  You could also record your finds by taking photographs on your phone and sharing them with your friends and family.


Play a game

If you have a smart phone you could try an app that turns your walk into a game. Popular examples are Pokémon Go and Wizards Unite (based on Harry Potter). These games take you on a hunt for creatures which appear around your neighbourhood. Pokémon Go has also adapted their game to allow you to play exclusively within your home during isolation if you’d prefer.


Visit somewhere new…

Have you tried virtual walks on YouTube? There are versions for every major city, tourist sight and beach. You can access these on most devices.  Turning off the lights can make these walks more immersive (but take care to remove anything you might trip over!).


Gina Warren

Mum, carer and Occupational Therapist.

Email: gwarren1@nhs.net