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Try out some of these activities and brain games to get you thinking from different perspectives

We can all see something that looks the same, but we can interpret things differently. Sometimes the way we see things and the meaning we give to that can have an impact on our emotional health.

If we see something positive in a situation, this can make us feel good about ourselves; if we interpret the situation as negative, this can make us feel unhappy.

Have a look at these fun optical illusions and let’s find out what you can see…

It can be difficult to concentrate our thoughts on anything if we are feeling worried, anxious or upset. Sometimes it can help to try to focus our mind on something else for a while, to give ourselves a break from the worrying thoughts. Try these fun concentration puzzles; they are harder than they look! Get your friends and family to have a go, see who can complete them correctly in the quickest time.

If you want more of a challenge, try the harder one on this website.

The way we see situations in life, and the meaning that we give to those situations, can affect our emotional wellbeing. Sometimes we can focus our attention only on what we see as negative and miss or ignore the positives in our lives.

Have a look at this fun video and see what you find out?

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