Worried About Someone?

If you are worried about someone’s mental health the most important thing to do is talk to them. The person might be worried themselves, feeling alone, distressed, or they might be fine!

There is such a lot of stigma around mental health that a lot of people don’t talk about the way they are feeling – this is especially true for men. The more conversations we have about mental health, the better this will get.

If you have tried talking and you are still worried, just being patient and supportive can help. Don’t pester or press the person.

If you’re worried about a loved one or family member, you might want to seek out some online support – there are many support forums for relatives and friends.

It might be that you are so worried that you want to seek professional advice, in which case your GP might be willing to discuss your concerns.

Remember though, that if someone is really struggling, it’s best to be upfront about your concerns as taking action behind the person’s back might be unhelpful.

Of course, if you are seriously concerned about someone’s safety, you need to act – find out about crisis services in your area.

National contact details

  • Samaritans – 116 123
  • NHS (non-emergency) – 111
  • NHS (for life-threatening emergency) – 999
  • Hopeline (Papyrus) – 0800 068 4141

Real Life Experience

If you’d like to share your experiences of supporting someone you were worried about, please email tewv.vrc@nhs.net