Art Therapist

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy involves making pictures, models, mosaics and other three dimensional work to express and explore inner conflicts, feelings and emotional difficulties. It is facilitated by an Art Therapist who is skilled in helping people to understand and interpret their artwork. In this way, art therapy is very different to being taught art or using art as a hobby.

Producing artwork can be a valuable alternative to communicating verbally as images and models can represent experiences that are difficult to put into words. Feelings which are deeply held, disowned or unrealised can be expressed.

How can working with an Art Therapist help?

Many people find that they can relate to the art therapist more easily through their artwork as it provides a focus for discussion, analysis and self-discovery. Art Therapists can work with people individually or in groups, and they are skilled in helping people to manage emotions and feelings that might arise during the process of producing and interpreting their artwork. This can help people to become more aware of their feelings and the reasons behind them.

Art Therapists can use a variety of different methods according to the person they are working with and where the therapy takes place. Art therapy can be used to help with past or current experiences, with the aim being to encourage insight and change, equipping people with skills to cope more successfully outside of therapy.

Will everything I share and discuss with an Art Therapist be kept confidential?

Yes, anything you share will be kept confidential. Therapy sessions are recorded on the computer database, however this can only be seen be authorised people according to the data protection act which protects confidential information. The only time anything might be shared further is if the therapist believes that there is a risk to you or someone else.

Real Life Experience

If you'd like to share your experiences of working with an Art Therapist, please email