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The Oxford English Dictionary defines wellbeing as ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy’.

We have four courses available which may help boost your wellbeing and help you to find a sense of purpose or enjoyment in each day:

Singing for Wellbeing

Singing for wellbeing explores how singing works, why it is beneficial to our wellbeing, and how you can get involved with singing too.

Complementary Therapies

This course explores the various complementary and alternative therapy treatments available today, including Aromatherapy, Traditional Chinese medicine, Light therapy and Yoga.

The course includes the history of each therapy, how they work and how to access them.

Arts, Museums & Wellbeing

This course explores the role art and museums can have on mental wellbeing and recovery. There is emerging evidence that suggests that accessing art and museums can have positive health and wellbeing outcomes for people, and that they play a role in helping people to stay well and recover faster, including mental health. The course considers how to get the most out of art and museums to support your wellbeing.

Lifestyle & Recovery Series

This course looks at lifestyle in relation to recovery using a holistic model.

Current topics include:

  • Introduction to Lifestyle & Recovery
  • Sleep & Relaxation
  • Nutrition & Wellbeing
  • Exercise & Recovery
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Mindfulness of Daily Life
  • The Role of Goal Setting

To explore these courses and the rest of the courses we offer, head over to our e-learning site (Moodle) and register for a free account.

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