Further Resources

What is Easy Read?

Easy read is an accessible format of providing information designed for people with a learning disability or other groups with accessible information needs. The easy read format is easy to understand because it uses simple, jargon free language, shorter sentences and supporting images.

The symbols used in our Easy Read documents are created and owned by Widgit Software. You can find about more on their website: www.widgit.com


Other resources

  • Dis-Dat – The Disability Distress Assessment Tool, also known as the ‘Dis-Dat’ tool can be used by medical professionals to identify distress in people with severe communication difficulties. You can download the tool here: Dis-Dat Tool
  • Learning Disability Mortality Review Programme – Watch Hertfordshire County Council’s video which explains how they are making improvements to the lives of people with learning disabilities by raising the standard and quality of care they receive. Watch the video on YouTube.
  • Sensory App House –  Free Sensory apps for stimulation, relaxation, speech therapy available to download: www.sensoryapphouse.com 


End of Life Care

Download My Future Wishes EasyRead plan for patients.

NHS Improvement: Learning from deaths in the NHS.

NHS: Delivering high quality end of life care for people who have a learning disability